We offer 3D printing services which specialize in construction of build-in spaces, extensions and other travel related projects. We have got great experience with our 3D printing farm which produces thousands of parts for our in-house production. We do not only print individual parts but also create complete functional assemblies. We integrate neodymium magnets, bearings or even nuts into the parts and encapsulate electronic components. We make individual USB sockets and much more. We ensure that the work is completed to the highest standard.

  • Material
  • We use exclusively ASA construction material for our prints. Due to its resistance to UV radiation and high temperatures this material is ideal for mechanically stressed parts and is also suitable for outdoor use.

    • Surface treatment and finishing work

    Our services include cleaning, assembly, bonding and more. According to requirements we can paint the parts with a special PU varnish which is not only mechanically resistant but also due to its special "leather" structure masks traces of 3D.

    • How to get help?

    The customer can send a photo, drawing, model or just a description of the project. We will contact you and discuss everything in detail.

    We arrange free of charge suggestions for solution and a quote with a precise time frame 

    • Price list

    - 3D modelling: 500 CZK/hour + VAT. The modelling usually takes 10-30 minutes for simple parts such as plugs or screws. Modelling time varies depending on the complexity of the project. When ordering the same part again, the modelling is free.

    - Printing: piece orders usually 50 CZK/hour of printing + VAT. The price decreases with large series of parts. We always offer an individual calculation of price.

    - Finishing work: 500 CZK/hour + VAT. The price also depends on a specific project and its complexity.